Tufco. Wisconsin proud.

TUFCO is proud to be a Wisconsin-based company. We are committed to enhancing the economic vitality of this region by providing quality jobs while partnering with suppliers and market leaders who also have Wisconsin roots.

TUFCO employs approximately 220 associates at our corporate offices and plant operations in Green Bay, Wis., and another 70 associates at our Newton, N.C., plant.

We use data to drive our decision-making process and follow best manufacturing practices based on Six Sigma principles.

Our Vision

At TUFCO, our vision is to become the recipient of the first call for every new relevant contract manufacturing opportunity, specifically due to our reputation for uncompromising commitment to QUALITY and SERVICE.


TUFCO’s mission is to consistently provide world-class contract manufacturing services that meet the most rigorous QUALITY and SERVICE requirements, thereby fortifying the brands of our business partners and ensuring that all stakeholders are positively impacted.


Quality Philosophy


“Every product/service at standard…every time!”


At TUFCO we define “Quality” as the customer perception of our products and services. We hold the belief that “Quality” is a strategic business value that involves every Tufco employee in all levels, functions and activities of our company.

Other beliefs that are reflected in our Quality philosophy are:

• “Quality” refers to both products we make and services we provide our customers.

• Desired product properties will be specifically defined by our customers based on end user needs, brand strategies, required process capability and material specifications.

• Continuously improving uniformity of products we make and the services we provide enables us to simultaneously enhance customer satisfaction and reduce costs.

• Quality is every TUFCO employee’s responsibility, every day.

• Customers include internal customers, those who receive the output of our work in our converting value adding chain, as well as our external customers.

• Quality cannot be inspected in. It must come from every TUFCO employee consistently applying their knowledge of customer driven product specifications and prescribed standard operating procedures (“SOP’s”) to every step of our converting value adding chain.


• In actualizing this Quality Philosophy we will be guided by the following principles:

• Every TUFCO employee will be obsessed with delivering exactly what our customers want…every time!

• Every TUFCO employee will be empowered and given the resources to pursue his/her work of creating customer satisfaction.

• Every TUFCO employee will focus on continuous improvement in his/her work.

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