Flexographic Printing Specifications

Wide Web Flexographic Printing

  • Two 8-color W & H Wide Web Flexographic Presses
  • Width of Material – not to exceed 63 3/4 inches
  • Print Width not to exceed 61 1/4 inches
  • Max 51-inch unwind/rewind diameter
  • Repeat sizes — 18″ to 45″
  • Capable of speeds up to 1,500 FPM
  • Water and solvent inks
  • In-line corona treater
  • Line, screen and process printing up to 150-line screen
  • In-line shear and razor slitting
  • In-house pre-press management (color matching, X-Rite color keys, press proofs, video plate mounter, new design consultation)
  • Portalift systems for fast and efficient changeovers
  • AVT (Automatic Video Technology) online inspection unit ensures consistent, high-quality printing
  • X-Rite spectrodensitometer and QA2000 for color quality assurance
  • Flexibility to print on substrates including paper, liner board, polypropylene, LDPE, polyester, shrinkfilms, nylon, Tyvek, nonwovens, metalized films and groundwood
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