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Wet Wipes Manufacturer

Tufco is the leading contract manufacturer for branded wet wipes in North America. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer our customers a combination of industry experience, strong R&D support, new and emerging technologies and a CI approach to find ways to improve our processes and drive cost out of the system, making Tufco an exciting and fast paced place to be. Tufco demonstrates a high level of both manufacturing excellence and unquestioned ethics. We work with our customer’s brands in a way that is seamless to the end user by meeting and or exceeding all of their quality expectations. Tufco offers services ranging from product development, raw material sourcing, lab analysis, responsive customer service, dedicated sales support, a multi-functional partnership across many business disciplines, and a low profile in the industry. We focus on our ability to produce excellent products for our customers in a way that makes the product the star and our role as a manufacturer invisible to the end user. Everything at Tufco starts and stops with quality. With a quality team that covers both product QA and QC, Tufco is capable of everything from product development to product testing at a level that exceeds FDA, EPA, ISO and customer standards. In addition, we have a team approach to working with customers that include direct connections with sales, customer service, manufacturing, quality, finance, purchasing, and executive management. Tufco’s position is to be excellent in selected categories with a focus on a limited number of partners with products in categories that fit our onboarding model. We strive to be the highest quality, competitively priced contract manufacturer of branded wet wipes.
FDA Registered • EPA Registered • ISO 9001:2008 Certified • cGMP 


Tufco is an industry leader in the manufacturing of branded and industrial wet and dry wipe products. We are proud to produce many of the products you use every day in a variety of market segments.


Custom formulations are the liquid half of the equation for wet wipes, but Tufco’s expertise is not limited to wipes applications.

Microbiological Services

With tests reaching conclusion in the incubator every day, our team constantly keeps tabs on the purity of raw materials, substrates, formulations and even water used in our manufacturing processes.

Product Development

Tufco’s product development services assist customers in wipe product launches with a speed to market advantage.